The New Evolution in Trading for Serious Traders.

So far, you've been dealing with hesitation, emotions, noisy charts, confusion, endless skills to acquire and indicators that lag or repaint.

Now, what if a team went through over 1,000 indicators to sort out the good from the bad and created a trading template that is so simple to use that even a beginner can make it in trading?

Read our story and watch the video.


How trading used to make us nuts

All traders and investors experience hesitation and uncertainty.

You know the drill: We, traders, hesitate before opening and hesitate after. We open and the price comes back. We close and the price keeps going. While in negative, we never know if we should cut our losses. We hope that the price will come back, but it doesn't. And what happens when we close it? The price comes back and explodes, so we miss it. When in positive, we continuously ask ourselves if we should let our profits run or close to secure them. Too early? Too late? Fear of loss and fear of missing out.

What about pullbacks? How many times are we asking ourselves if the price is simply pulling back or plainly turning? Candles keep shifting from green to red and red to green with no clear direction. Some "experts" say the trend is up while others think it's going down. Nothing is ever clearly defined.

We often feel like we're gambling, even after studying as much as for any other profession. We've all tried a ton of strategies, watched so many videos, read books and hundreds of articles. We've all studied patterns, price action and everything under the sun. Yet, we still feel no control. The outcome is always uncertain. We so much LOVE trading, we don't see ourself doing anything else, so we keep going, despite the constant feeling of insecurity and failure. With each losing trade, we fear that we might not make it, even though, deep down, we know that we ARE cut out for this. It's our life. Our identity. It's in our blood and we have the stomach for it. It calls us loud and clear. But we also know that we won't win by gambling our way up.

Our Story

It took 20,000 hours, 10 years to backtest and forward test over 1,000 indicators.

For years, from sunrise to sunset, each and every day, we focussed on one thing: Adding one indicator after another to our charts and visually forward test all the indicators we could find. Every day, we relentlessly kept slowly scrolling our charts from past to future, BAR by BAR, looking at the entries and exits provided by each indicator.

We also ran 99% accurate backtests in MT4 on decades of accurate M1 price history. And we also learned three programming languages (mq4, pine script and java)) in order to read each code to see what's actually going on behind each indicator.

We also took all the necessary time to try different settings for each indicator. We even applied many indicators on tick charts, Renko bars, Range bars, Kagi, Line Break and Point & Figure charts.

We committed years to this, often up to 16 hours a day. We did everything humanly possible. And failed. Nothing worked.

We then gave up and considered that sorting out every indicator was a good first step accomplished. No one had ever gone as far and we were happy that it was now behind us. We now had all that knowledge stack in our brains and in theory, that had to have taken us closer to our end goal.

Our chart 10 years ago

A breakthrough was imminent

After all of that, we completely changed our approach. We cleared all the indicators from our charts and concentrated on PRICE ACTION, on naked charts. It took us several additional years to master the language of the market, but it was worth it because in the end, we were finally seeing how extremely structured the market actually always is. So we now understood why most indicators don't work.

We now knew precisely what to build and we got to work! Line by line, we were coding what we already knew would become the one and only perfect trading template.

Months later came the final day. We'll always remember the day we wrote the last lines of code and published our Template. Our heads were spinning with excitement. Such an adrenaline rush! And there is was, running! Right on our screen, perfection! Highlighting every acceleration and turning precisely where needed. A masterpiece. After near a decade of our life. It now existed. Perfectly breathing with the market, all dynamic and "alive".

Designed to indicate with great precision where to open and close. There's no lag, it turns right on time. There's no repaint, once a candle closes, it never changes. It filters all the noise for a smooth ride, so all the complicated and the confusing is gone. We clearly see the direction, the trends and even the accelerations inside each trend. We also see the weak moments, the ranges, when the market is flat and the equilibrium. We even see if the market is only pulling back or turning! It's everything a trader ever dreamed of and more!

It feels good to use it. The brain loves to follow clear instructions, it calms down and stops overthinking and hesitating. Trading becomes simple. A quick look and we immediately see if the trend is still going strong, pulling back or turning. All fears and doubts are completely eliminated. And it might be the first time in your life where you'll be riding all the trends all the way up/down instead of only catching portions.

Works on all TradingView charts

All markets. All symbols. All time frames.

How does it work?

The Main 'Template' Indicator

Blue Curve + Blue Background = Uptrend
Red Curve + Red Background = Downtrend
•Otherwise = Pullbacks
•Vivid = Strength

The 'Phase' Indicator Colors the Candles

Light Blue = Uptrend
Red = Downtrend
•Other colors = No trend (Pullbacks, Consolidation, ...)

The 'Probability' Indicator Is Composed Of 75 Indicators (screen bottom)

•The higher the blue = More indicators out of 75 agree in an uptrend
•The lower the red = More indicators out of 75 agree in a downtrend
•White = Weak or Flat

Watch our Video Tutorial

Watch on PC screen. Select 1440p HD to see details.